Cashew Turtles

Cashew Turtle

“Yolande was fitting the tea cozy over the pot when I came in. There were cups on the table. I knew where her cookie plates lived, so I got one down and put my offerings on it: chocolate chip hazelnut, Jamdandies, Cashew Turtles, plus butterscotch brownies and half a dozen muffins.”

Ending an extended period of experimentation and non-blog related baking, my renewed enthusiasm to tackle the forty-some remaining recipes in Sunshine has coincided perfectly with an unseasonable late heatwave. With such rare weather it seems ungrateful to blow the dust off the AC knob and turn on the oven. A day like this calls for something sweet, simple, and cool. A day like this is for making Cashew Turtles. Continue reading Cashew Turtles