I came up with this wild idea because I think my life (and the world) would be better off with a little more Sunshine. And experience tells me that when I come up with one of these crazy crusades my friends like to watch. Plus have a feeling I’ll be up to my ears in confusion and help from fellow bakers and fellow Sunshine readers would really help me get to the end of this daunting, delicious list.

I’m the kind of twenty-something kid who jumps into projects that are way too big and too hard for her to have any business trying. Once I decided to create a cupcake for each character in Firefly. It was utter insanity. Gorgeous, scrumptious, frantic insanity. Why I thought I should try to follow up nine cupcake creations with fifty-four non-existent recipes is a question for those much wiser than myself.

I’ve always loved Robin McKinley books, starting with Spindle’s End (selected off a middle school library shelf because it had one of the most beautiful covers I’d ever seen–which incidentally taught me the wrong lesson because the story inside was even more beautiful) and ruining me a little for a lot of other books. I think I may have forgotten to breathe the first time I read Pegasus. But, as made evident by the existence of this website, Sunshine was something special. There is probably a host of lucky people who discovered their love of gardening through Beauty which was my¬† bi-monthly staple for a couple years, but I’m part of the inevitably diabetic ilk that dreams in food. I succumbed to The Baking Vortex because Sunshine made it impossible for me to stand idly by when there was so much deliciousness to explore.

With any luck, by the end of this, there will be a useable list of Sunshine-inspired recipes for all my fellow snack-inclined readers.